“Siamese Explorer: Adventures of a Kitten with a Bent Paw, Fearlessly Defying Odds and Embracing the World.”

Despite being born with a birth defect, this young boy still left everyone in his family in awe. Meet Rudy, an adventurous Siamese kitten who had the heart of a tiger. The fearless newborn wasn’t thinking about what he couldn’t do, he was just trying to figure out what he could do.

Rudy was the runt of the litter and also the most curious, bravest one among them all. Since his front paw was bent at an odd angle, Rudy had a little trouble walking here and there, but that tiny flaw didn’t bother him though. He was even the first one to stand up and attempt to walk the very first steps of his life, such an amazing boy!

However, they were also the first litter for his mother Sandra and the overprotective mama just didn’t want her kids to leave her side any minute, especially Rudy – the troublemaker of the family. The loving mom liked to watch their every move, and she just wanted to keep her babies in her arms forever if only she was able to.

Eventually, when the little kittens were about three weeks old, Rudy was brought to a vet clinic for a proper check-up. It turned out the fur baby had a contracted tendon and thankfully, it was treatable.

So for the next couple of weeks, our charming kitty had to walk around with an orthopedic cast around his leg. During Rudy’s treatment, Sandra had always stayed by his side.

A few weeks later, Rudy finally had his cast removed and from that moment on, nothing could stop him from discovering this brand new world!

At 8 weeks old, the outgoing boy already embarked on countless adventures around his mysterious big house. He even made his way to the tank to say hi to his mother’s bearded dragon friend Frank, isn’t it sweet?

Watch Rudy’s pawsome journey here:

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